By Maybelle Morgan, 6 February 2018

Denim is like an ancient wood sprite that’s been holed up in your wardrobe for longer than you can remember (probably centuries), so it can be hard to think of fun inventive ways to rock it. Thankfully, 2018 is offering up a whole lot of freshness in the form of utility denim and there’s about to be a head-to-toe takeover of clean fresh lines, functional pocketing and contrast stitching. Yes, please. Here are three ways to work the utility jeans trend…

Model wearing a double denim outfit
Model wearing a double denim outfit

Patch adams

Double denim is no longer a worrisome wardrobe decision, especially when it looks as slick as this. A raw-edge top (cuff the sleeves for some awkward-length coolness) adds texture through patchwork, but dark washed jeans with all the utility trimmings – think contrast stitching plus an exposed zip – anchor the outfit in the functional. Cowboy boots and horseshoe ear bling adds a fun western touch.

Model wearing a pink utility jumpsuit
Model wearing a pink utility jumpsuit

All-in-one fun

The boilersuit is the ultimate utility trend golden ticket and, for 2018, colour palettes are refreshed in dusty iced gem pink. The mom jean leg and cropped length amps up the spring season attitude, but to avoid going too pretty and twee? Clash up your influences with chunky technical sneaks.

Model wearing a denim co-ord
Model wearing a denim co-ord

Pictures: ASOS

Matchy mate

Oh, we could wax lyrical about the co-ord for days. And it’s now getting even more props for its coloured denim, skirty sister. Layer the boxy denim jacket over a plain white ribbed tee for a cutesy jersey base that nicely breaks up the statement inky turquoise. To avoid going too playschool with the look, finish with witchy pointed buckle boots in serious patent.



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