I don’t know what happened, but I stopped wearing earrings in my pierced ears a while ago. This now means I have two problems: 1) I can no longer wear earrings as the holes have closed up, and 2) I’m missing out on the bold Pat Butcher–esque earring trend. Thankfully the solution was hiding in my nan’s jewellery box all along: clip-on earrings. But don’t fear the thought of wearing outdated pieces of jewellery: There are some incredible earrings available that range from the contemporary to vintage.

What I’m saying is that you don’t have to have pierced ears to add the finishing touches to an outfit. In fact, I’d argue that some clip-on earrings are cooler than regular ones. However, I get that there’s one major issue that most have with them—comfort. To remedy any potential painful problems, you can buy earring pads from Amazon for less than a fiver. Now you have that sorted, keep scrolling for my pick of the best clip-ons right now, and then try to stop yourself from shopping (I dare you).

Susan Caplan has one of the best collections of vintage jewellery, and you can now find some of the range on John Lewis.
Wear just one of these for a Dior-inspired look. 
Fashion houses are loving a bit of branding right now, and Miu Miu is no exception. 
Simple and bold. 
Marni never fails to impress.
Oscar de la Renta is one of our favourite luxury brands to go to for clip-ons. 
Love a logo? D&G has it nailed. 
This dramatic pair are ideally worn with an all-black outfit. 
Less than a tenner, yet these look so much more expensive. 

Now that we’ve got that sorted, you have no excuse: Go forth and sport the bold earrings of your dreams.

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