Admit it: Whether you were team TLC, Spice Girls, All Saints, Madonna or Gwen Stefani, you had a wardrobe to match the style of your favorite pop star. While there are some tacky ’90s fashions we’d rather forget (even if they are making a comeback), there are also some throwback looks that will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Style Notes: This outfit from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour was a true defining fashion moment. The cone bra became one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s most iconic designs—triggering a major influence on the underwear-as-outerwear trend. This look has gone in and out of vogue ever since its 1990 debut.
Style Notes: Victoria and David Beckham were the king and queen of “his and hers” styles. While some might rate this Matrix-esque look as one of their most bizarre fashion moments, we’d like to think otherwise. They were undoubtedly ahead of the fashion game in knowing that leather and PVC-everything would eventually reign.
Style Notes: The All Saints girls knew where it was at style-wise. If they weren’t in Adidas tracksuits and ombré sunnies, it was all about handkerchief tops and wide-leg pants. Their penchant for suiting is also spot-on for this season’s trend.
Style Notes: Gwen was the out-there frontwoman of the ’90s band No Doubt. On the red carpet, she mixed her punk edge with her hippie sensibility (hence this fluffy blue bra). While you might not catch us going out in this ensemble on just any day, we have to give her credit for donning the season’s colourful faux-fur trend.
Style Notes: Streetwear and men’s style heavily influenced TLC’s fashion choices. If they weren’t in combat boots and crop tops, denim was their signature go-to. If anyone can be credited with making dungarees cool, it’s these girls.

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After all, Mel C and the All Saints did athleisure way before the Kardashians—in fact, they basically kept Adidas in business. And the leather trenches we’re obsessed with this season? Victoria Beckham and Shaznay Lewis’s staples two decades ago. While the ’90s proved to be a time for girl bands and chart-topping female vocalists, it also brought us some of the most iconic fashion moments to date. Want to take a trip down memory lane? Click through the gallery to see some of our favourite ’90s pop stars and the trends they made popular.

So what do you say—are you ready to break out your old platform shoes and faux-fur jacket?

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