Waking up with great curly hair can be a struggle. If your hair is too short to do a “pineapple” then this short curly hair tutorial is for you.

I’ve got a very special guest for this video, the wonderful Carly Jacobs aka Smaggle and the brains behind Crochet Coach.

Carly is known for her big hair and you might be surprised to know that her hair is actually quite fine, she just has a lot of it. She’s one of the most efficient people I know and I knew she would have some tricks to get ready faster.

Smaggle is my go-to for productivity hacks and Carly has some great tips on how to manage short hair when exercising and overnight so you don’t have to wash your hair every morning – because who’s got time for that?

Tips for styling short curly hair with Smaggle

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More curly hair tutorials

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Make sure you visit Smaggle & join Crochet Coach, the coolest crochet community online!

Would you like to see more videos with Carly? What should we film next time she’s in Sydney? If you’ve got any hair questions or video requests, let us know in the comments below.

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