Victoria Beckham has been poking fun at her paparazzi poker face for years. She rarely smiles and rarely takes off her sunglasses—and last year she explained this with a T-shirt that said, “Fashion Stole My Smile.” Yesterday, she released another slogan T-shirt with the phrase “It’s a dark but happy place,” referring to how she feels behind her shades. She posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing the T-shirt with her signature black-out sunglasses and added the caption: “You could say I’m slightly obsessed with sunglasses?! Wearing glasses all the time, I like to say I’m in a dark but happy place.” VB kindly sent a T-shirt and the sunglasses to the Who What Wear UK offices, so, naturally, we had to re-create her image on the stairs of our townhouse. Keep scrolling to see Hannah Almassi’s very best Victoria Beckham impression.

Opening Image: Getty Images

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