As we’re constantly turning to fashion bloggers for style inspiration, it makes sense that we also look to them for their interior design ideas. Because let’s face it—decorating can be hard. Whether you’re renting or you’ve got a mortgage, not everyone wants their place to look completely IKEA-fied. (That’s not to say we don’t love the meatballs and the MALM chest of drawers, but homes are best when they have a personal touch.)

To give you some Pinterest ammo and ideas on how to decorate your abode, we looked at some of the coolest and chicest homes as styled by some of our favourite influencers. From Pandora Sykes, who has just moved and has been redecorating, to Alex Stedman of The Frugality, who’s currently renovating a new place, the fashion girls we looked to offered up plenty of up-to-date interior looks we’re sure you’ll want to steal.

Style Notes: Where better to start with interior ideas than from one of our favourite stylish French women, Jeanne Damas? The street style star and owner of label Rouje knows how to give her Parisian apartment a touch of rustic charm in the form of dried flowers. Of course, fresh blooms are just as chic.
Style Notes: To be a really great hostess, you need a liquor cabinet. But don’t just dump a load of booze procured from the offie on top of a coffee table. Instead, you need to find a great place to display what you have on offer, including vintage glasses if possible. We’re especially taken with this piece from John Lewis (cocktail umbrellas optional).
Style Notes: To be one of those people who wakes up feeling genuinely refreshed (yep, we’re still working on that too), you want a bedroom that makes you want to sleep in it. Take a tip from Megan Ellaby and turn yours into a real boudoir, whether that’s getting great sheets, a finding a gorgeous light fixture or painting your walls a relaxing colour. Insider tip: La Redoute makes great rugs for bedrooms.
Style Notes: Much like with fashion, interiors went through a period of minimalism. But it seems we’re embracing colour again, and it doesn’t have to mean your home will look small. This gorgeous teal colour as used by The Frugality proves otherwise. 
Style Notes: Want to be excited about getting dressed in the morning? Or just want to get more sleep because you’re super organised wardrobe-wise and don’t have to spend ages looking for that one top? You need to sort out your closet space.
Style Notes: As we already mentioned, we love those Swedish meatballs, but you can too easily end up with a home that’s a bit too similar to everyone else’s if you’re not careful. The solution? Mix up your favourite IKEA armchair with one-of-a-kind vintage wall fixtures from places likes Pamono or The Peanut Vendor, just like Pandora Sykes.
Style Notes: Finally, you can always guarantee to add some personality to your home by putting up pictures. Consider the art you want to display, and make sure it complements the rest of the room. Simple.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, eat your heart out.

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