You just can’t argue with the Meghan Markle effect. Before she got engaged, she wore and posted a ring on her Instagram feed, and it’s been sold out ever since. Until now.

The intricate design is by American brand BaubleBar, and comes at the bargainous price of $42, which is roughly around £30.


We can see why Meghan picked the ring too, as she loves the outdoors, and the design is inspired by nature, featuring crystal covered vines that delicately wrap around the hand.


Shop now: Peacemaker ring for around £30 from BaubleBar

The ring keeps selling out as a result of Meghan posting it on her now-deleted Instagram feed, but you can pre-order yours now. It only comes in two sizes but is adjustable.

The brand also delivers to the UK though you may need to pay some extra charges on top, but it’s arguably worth it.

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