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The best eco hair brush guide

Confused about which hair brushes you need?

And want to know which brushes will be best for your hair, your hairstyle and the environment?

Keep reading for Hair Romance’s ultimate eco hair brush guide to find out which brush goes with which style and what you should be looking for in an ecofriendly hair brush.

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They say you should never brush wet hair, but as with any rule, there’s an exception. These exceptions are what make hairstyling seem so confusing.

So to simplify it, I’ve got a visual guide to hair brushes below and I’m going to run you through exactly what each tool does and how to get the best results for your hair.

The ultimate eco hair brush guide

The best eco hair brush guide

Thermal Styler – The perfect styling hair brush

The best eco hair brush guide

When you’re blowdrying your hair, you have two key tools: your brush and your hairdryer.

While everybody focuses on the hairdryer, it’s really your brush that does a lot of the hard work.

The EcoTools Expert Thermal Styler hair brush has been designed to smooth out your hair and create volume.

The recycled aluminium ribbed barrel works as a diffuser, which reduces your drying time by 20%. Shorter drying times means less heat damage, so your hair will look better not only when it’s styled but in the long run too.

Do I use the large or the small brush?

The best eco hair brush guide

This depends on how long your hair is and the results you’re looking for.

The large brush is designed for medium to long hair and the small brush is better for short to medium length hair.

The large brush is a workhorse in long hair, making your blow dry faster, smoother and easier.

The smaller brush is great for creating waves and extra texture in your blowdry as well. If you’ve got any layers or a fringe, the small brush is for you.

Personally I love a combination of both the large brush do the bulk of my hair and the small brush for the layers around my face.

Ultimate Air Dryer – The “I don’t have time to blow dry my hair” hair brush

The best eco hair brush guide

If you need to get out the door fast, the Ultimate Air Dryer hair brush is for you.

It’s been designed with speed styling in mind and it will dry your hair 40% faster. That is a huge time saver and also saves a lot of heat damage to your hair.

This brush is perfect if your hair is naturally wavy to straight and when you need to smooth it down fast. You can go from wet to dry in no time with this brush and still have a finish as good as if you went to get a professional blowdry.

Smoothing Detangler – The brush you need for tangles and if you rarely blow-dry your hair

The best eco hair brush guide

Before I said you should never brush wet hair, and here’s the exception.

Ordinarily, brushing wet hair will cause damage because the wet hair follicle is more likely to stretch beyond its elasticity, unravel and cause split ends.

The Smoothing Detangler hair brush is a vented paddle brush and is ideal for fine or wavy hair that tends to knot easily or for curly hair to detangle before applying product.

The cushion base makes it incredibly gentle on your scalp. This smooth motion is much kinder on your hair and reduces damage and the risks of split ends.

Styler & Smoother – The “I can’t decide how I want to wear my hair” hair brush

The best eco hair brush guide

If you’re looking for a brush that will work to both detangle and style your hair, this one is for you.

The Styler & Smoother hair brush is a two-in-one. The soft cushion paddle smooths and detangles your hair, but it also curves round to have the benefits of a round brush.

This clever hybrid design means you can blowdry some waves into the ends of your hair and add in some more volume and shape. At the same time, it smooths and reduces tangles.

You can mix up how you style your hair with the one brush.

Travel Detangler – The “what’s in my handbag” hair brush

The best eco hair brush guide

The Travel Detangler hair brush is the perfect pocket size to keep with you anytime.

You can keep it in your handbag to refresh your hairstyle at the end of the day and it’s perfect for travelling with as well.

This is a faux bristle brush so it’s completely cruelty free. I was really impressed with the shine it gives and the ease that it detangles in wet hair too.

The EcoTools difference

The best eco hair brush guide

I am really excited to partner with EcoTools to showcase their new brush range. This is a really considered range with incredible quality brushes for a remarkable price.

And a range with the environment’s best interests at heart too.

I have to be honest, while I like to choose eco-friendly products, I often choose a product for its results. I have been testing out the EcoTools range and have been blown away by the results in my hair.

First off, the recycled bamboo handles are so comfortable and don’t slip. This is my biggest issue with other brushes, and EcoTools have it just right.

The best eco hair brush guide

They incorporate recycled aluminium, plant-based plastics and renewable bamboo into all their products, and the whole range is vegan. Even the packaging is from tree-free paper.

This isn’t just a “box-tick eco” label; these are incredibly well-designed brushes that are kind on the environment and that are good for your hair too.

Where can you find EcoTools brushes?

The best eco hair brush guide

You can find them online at or at your local Woolworths; and to me, any beauty product you can buy at the supermarket doesn’t count in your regular beauty budget.

But don’t be fooled: although these tools can be found in the budget aisle, the quality of these brushes is unbelievable. They’re designed to go the distance.

I’ve been using EcoTools make up brushes for years and so I was incredibly excited to hear they were designing a range of hair brushes. EcoTools really are the leader in ecofriendly and cruelty-free products.

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Hurry as this offer is only for March 2018.

The best eco hair brush guide

I hope my ultimate eco hair brush guide has helped navigate which brush is right for your hair. If you’ve got any questions, comment below and I’ll answer them there.

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