You want your butt to look good in jeans—no surprise there. But when it’s time to shop for new denim, we know that it can feel like it takes a million misses to find a single pair of jeans that fits you like a glove. Turns out there’s a better way to find that perfect pair of true blues, and it’s all about taking one important thing into account: the yoke of your jeans.

What exactly is the yoke, you might ask? It’s the patch of jeans between the waistband and butt pockets, and the shape can have a major effect of how jeans fit from behind. To help explain, we tapped Paige Adams-Geller (yes, the very same woman who enlightened us on the biggest denim-shopping mistakes we all make) to break it down. “The back yoke in a pair of jeans is essential in determining the fit of the jeans and how flattering they are on your bum,” she notes.

While there is a range of shapes, some more relaxed, others that emphasise your assets, according to Paige, one style reigns supreme, “The most flattering yoke detail is the classic soft V-shape.” To help illustrate what that looks like, we created a handy graphic below and shopped out jeans with V-shaped yokes so you can find the pair that will make your butt look good.

Read on for a guide to finding the most flattering jeans for your butt, and shop the ideal style.

For your most flattering pair of jeans, Paige suggests, “The V-shape should be positioned around the top part of your bum, and the bottom of your back pockets should sit where your cheek and thigh meet.”

Shop Jeans With a Soft V-Yoke

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SHOP NOW : Frame Le High Flare High-Rise Jean (£215)

Flares slim your legs by balancing out full hips.

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SHOP NOW : Frame Le High Cropped Straight-Leg Jeans (£250)
Look for a cropped style to pair with chic heels.
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SHOP NOW : M.I.H Jeans Paris Cropped Jeans (£185)
You’ll want to tuck in your top and show off your backside in these.
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SHOP NOW : Mother The Insider Crop High-Rise Flared Jeans (£260)
Opt for a darker wash when you want a more dressed-up ensemble.
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SHOP NOW : Paige Jacqueline Straight Jean With Sadie Block Hem (£90)
An unhemmed style strikes the balance between casual and chic.
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SHOP NOW : Rachel Comey Slim Legion Jean (£285)
Try a kick-flare style on for size.
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SHOP NOW : Topshop Moto Vintage Wash Jamie Jeans (£40)
Wear your skinnies with heels or sneakers.

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SHOP NOW : ASOS Curve Straight Leg Jeans In Spring Light Stone Wash (£32)
Try a straight leg for an of-the-moment look.


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