She’s been a brand ambassador since 2011, but this season Alexa Chung is taking her Superga love to a whole new level with the creation of her own capsule collection.

Interpreting the classic Superga silhouette, Alexa has played with different textures – varnish, satin, cotton and terry towel – and colours – white, burgundy and sky blue to create a capsule collection of 10 different styles.

‘I’m someone who has always gravitated towards the classics and it’s one of the reasons I was first interested in Superga because my mother wore them and so for me they seemed evergreen,’ said the model/TV presenter/ designer. ‘For this collection I wanted to celebrate the Superga originals that I wear the most but decided to make them off white with a little toe cap added to make them fresh and luxe without compromising the elements that make them Supergas. Aside from that I wanted the shoes to be playful and irreverent so we have made some in terry towelling we have backless slip-ons and cool satin high tops in sherbet colours.’

‘I love the mid top off white Supergas we made because they’re legitimately my dream trainers come true,’ she added. ‘Sometimes the hardest thing to do in design is to show restraint and confidence in more muted things and these I think are beautiful because they’re so classic and minimal.’

Alongside, designing the capsule collection, Alexa also fronts the spring summer 2018 campaign which was shot in Los Angeles.

As for how she’ll be wearing them in the UK, Chung says: ‘With jeans which sounds snoozy but looks great. I think they’d look great with cropped trousers too or maybe a miniskirt. Something that accentuates the play on proportion.’

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