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Today’s video shows you exactly how to restyle curly hair fast. I’m sharing exactly what I do to my hair before I run out the door.

Styling second day curls is something I’m asked about a lot. I’ve created a few hairstyles but today’s tutorial is a one-take version so you can see my process from start to finish.

Some days you wake up and your curls are great and other days… you need some extra help to fix them up.

This is one of those days.

My second day curly hair routine takes less than ten minutes. I’ve got quite a lot of hair so it might be even quicker for you to do this too.

How to restyle curly hair fast

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The products I used:

If you want to see a tutorial about how I get my hair even bigger, check out my post on how to get mega volume fast. And if you prefer to avoid heat, you’ll love these heat-free ways to refresh curly hair.

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