Try my anti-frizz braid tutorial when you need a style fix that can last through any weather.

The weather has a big impact on how I wear my hair and a change in the weather calls for a change in hairstyle.

I had planned to wear my hair out but, on the way to the event, the weather changed and not for the better. Impending rain meant that my frizz started to show.

Now not all frizz is bad, but I knew that this situation was only going to get worse.

So I created this braid to put my hair up fast. When I got to the event, everybody loved my hair and asked me how I did it. And in reality, I’d done it in under four minutes on the ferry.

Now you don’t need to be outside to do this style and with some practice you can do this really quickly.

It’s basically a mixed of two Dutch braids, one large one taking up most of your hair and one small one and then you can pin them up at the back.

You may have spotted this hairstyle on instagram (I’m @hairromance) and I did this style on the ferry into the city. I snapped a photo and a few people requested a video tutorial so here it is.

The anti-frizz braid tutorial video

Click here if you can’t see the video above

What you need

  • Bobby pins
  • 2 small hair elastics (optional)

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Part your hair where you like to wear it.
  2. Starting on the side with most hair, pick up a section near your part and split it into three. We are going to do a Dutch braid following the hairline so cross the left under the middle and the right under the left.
  3. On the next braid stitch, pick up some hair and add it into the braid crossing the hair under. Repeat crossing under and adding in a new section of hair from the back and into the braid.
  4. Keep repeating this braid crossing under following along your hairline. You can take in small sections or large sections it really just depends on your hair. For me I am used to having curls so I like having a really big braid.
  5. When you’ve just passed your ear, you can stop adding in hair and just finish on a regular braid or plait.
  6. Now on to the other side, pick up a section of hair by your part and split it into three and repeat the Dutch braid as on the first side.
  7. Make sure that you stretch this braid out so that it looks more in proportion to the first braid.
  8. Now to pin them in place – Fold the ends of your braids under and lay one braid over the top of the other and pin them together. At this point you might want to stretch out some more sections or add in a few more pins so that it’s all in place.

And that’s it! This braid will definitely survive any change in the weather and I am pretty sure that it’s guaranteed to get you some compliments as well.

How to customise this hairstyle for your hair

With all my styles, you can customise them to suit your hair. You can take large braid sections or make it small and neat.

If you have long hair:

  • Why not create a rosette style bun, or
  • leave your braids out and twist them into a side braid.

If you have short hair:

  • Why not just do one braid on the side and pin the other side back, or
  • create a bun or small ponytail at the back.

I’d love to see how you wear this style in your hair.

Product tips

In the video I used dry shampoo as my roots were looking a bit oily. I used the Batiste Rose Gold and you can find it here in Australia, or here in the USA/Canada and here in the UK.

If your hair is dry, I’d use a leave in conditioner or hair serum first.

Let me know if you’ve got long hair or short hair, and how you customised this braid and I’d love to see a picture of it in your hair. You can tag me #hairromance and @hairromance.

And let me know what tutorial you’d like to see next xx

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