Minimalist bags in faux croc and practical shapes may be the one for AW18, but while spring is in full swing, statement accessories are still king.

And there’s one bag I just keep on seeing, which takes me right back to my childhood: the beaded bag. It’s obviously not the most practical bag, and it is a bit silly, but it sure as hell is cute and pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Pandora Sykes was one of the first to adopt the trend (of course), with the now-cult Antonia bag by British brand Shrimps, followed by the likes of Parisian blogger Leia, Camille Charriere and Lorna Luxe. The cream pearl bag also comes in pastel hues of yellow and mint, all of which keep selling out.

Then came the wonderfully colourful creations of New York-based Susan Alexandra, which are essentially happiness in a bag. Think rainbow see-through beads, and fun fruit-shaped designs, including a retro cherry bag that’s about to hit your Instagram hard.

Obviously, the high-street has been quick off the mark, with Mango and Zara both serving up some highly Instagrammable beaded bags.

Do yourself a favour and shop these addictive bags below. Your wardrobe will thank you.

Shop now: Antonia Beaded Cream Bag for £450 from Shrimps

Shop now: Ma Cherie Bag for $265 from Susan Alexandra

Shop now: BEADED TOTE BAG for £39.99 from Zara

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