Bikinis are a tricky thing to buy, so it helps when you know someone else has liked a style and bought it. Even better if 10,000 people have.

A week ago, ASOS launched a simple knot bikini that was so popular, it sold out within a week. But don’t worry, they’re restocking in lots more colours.

The first one to launch was the yellow bikini, which sold out completely, while the red style has already sold 6,800 units.

Shop now: ASOS DESIGN knot bikini set for £26 from ASOS

As for the turquoise version, it was *slightly* less popular, having sold 1,000 units.

It’s easy to see why the style has been so popular. The high-cut bottoms are super flattering on most body shapes, and the knotted top is feminine without veering into cutesie territory.

And this month, the bikini is coming out in a lovely pink colour as well as floral and stripe prints. Plus if you missed out on the white style, it will be restocked as well as the red.

Just in time for summer. Hopefully.


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