I have a very long list tucked away on my desktop Stickies where I copy and paste the names of new brands I need to look into further, shop from or ensure that we profile on Who What Wear UK. Recently that list has been stacking up with labels from a particular part of the world and with our month’s focus on global style it seemed appropriate to shine a light: it would appear that some very exciting fashion happenings are coming out of Ukraine right now.

“It’s been an incredible growth—the creativity in the region is booming,” Daria Shapovalova, the Ukranian fashion entrepreneur and street style favourite, tells me. “When I co-founded Kiev Fashion Week, the entire fashion industry in Ukraine was being established, and after 7 years we have a fashion market full of bright, young talents. It’s always amazing to select designers to represent in our showroom in Paris, More Dash, where we work with stores from more than 20 countries, such as Lane Crawford, Barney’s, Matchesfashion.com.”

What is it about these burgeoning talents that are hitting the spot? Many of the wider region’s most famous designers have been at the core of an agenda-setting streetwear scene (think of Gosha Rubchinskiy from Russia or Georgian-born Demna Gvasalia of Vetements), but that isn’t the only aesthetic leading the charge. “I am sure the world loves Ukrainian and Eastern-European designers because they know how to use colour, how to create feminine clothes and make a unique product that stands out. In the end, the product is what is the most important,” says Daria. 

Along with my own research and some of Daria’s hot tips, I’ve pulled together a list of Ukranian fashion brands you need to get acquainted with. See and shop them below…

Daria Shapovalova wearing a beautiful dress from Kiev-based designer Anton Belinskiy.
Lake Studio, created by Anastasia Riabokon and Olesya Kononova, is a haven for silky, slinky slips, pajama suits, robes and more: soft, delicate and feminine, these luxe pieces are available in the UK via Moda Operandi.
Launched by architect Julie Paskal in in 2016 this brand has become known for it’s super-cute detailing: like appliqué florals, big bows, statement sleeves and intricate lace fabrics.
Anna October’s eponymous line is well-loved for it’s off-the-shoulder dresses (they sell out fast on Matchesfashion.com each season), but there’s also a great selection of tailoring from the designer too—including this skirt and many perfect-fit blazers.
FLOW is my favourite new discovery. Designed by two sisters Veronika and Victoria, this Belgian-Ukranian label is full of extra-pretty pieces like swish-around holiday dresses, bodice tops, full skirts or ditsy floral blouses. It’s already been wholeheartedly adopted by the influencer set.
Sitting within the streetwear realm, Chakshyn (designed by Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn) is known for its slogan sweatshirts and experimental trench coats. We’re also noticing a Ukranian microtrend for reconstructed denim.
There’s a reason this is called the Rihanna dress: Rihanna wore it! Marianna has been called-out as one of the most exciting talents to come out of the region, and her girlish wares are definitely #OOTD-friendly with their cute prints, sweet colours and eye-catching details.
Another label that has been seen a great deal over social media, Ksenia first hit the scene with her unusual demi-jeans (the ones that look like straight-leg and ripped shorts all in one). Her offering provides much more, like this incredible jacket made out of 7 other denim jackets. Clever.
The revival of traditional Ukranian embroidery and the country’s native full-sleeved blouses and dresses can be credited to this brand. They kickstarted a very luxurious new trend (each of these pieces takes a painstakingly long time to produce, and the price reflects that) which many have now copied.
If fun patterns are your jam then Poustovit is the Ukranian fashion brand to know. We’re talking wearable shapes rendered in unusual colours and really loud prints—perfect for summer.
There are less handbag and shoe brands to discover from this part of the world (at the moment, but do reach out to us on Instagram if you have anything to alert us to) but I have discovered the affordable-priced handmade shoes of Kachorovska and I’m intrigued.
Creating sleepwear, loungewear and holiday pieces that you can easily wear by day and outside of your house, Sleeper has become rather popular on Instagram. We’re into the loose-fit summer dresses but this gingham two-piece also looks like it could fit into our wardrobes nicely. Take a trip around the world to see what’s trending elsewhere.

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