We no longer just head to the sunshine during six weeks in summer—one quick scroll on Instagram confirms that plenty of people are turning on their out-of-offices every single month of the year. To reflect our new constant state of holiday envy, we’re introducing The Suitcase Diaries, a series in which we (virtually) hop inside the luggage of some of the most stylish women we know and let them be our tour guides.

The style possibilities of an upcoming holiday always feel overwhelming. There’s something about defining my style in one packing list that induces a state of panic. “What even IS my style,” I’ll usually find myself questioning aloud.

For my recent trip to the Amalfi Coast, this is when my alter ego emerged: the holiday version of Isabel—let’s call her La Dolce Vita Isabel— who is more put together, changes before dinner, drinks espresso, and isn’t afraid of donning a big hat. 

I stuck to linen sets, black and white colours (which doesn’t mean boring BTW), and my fabulous Rixo dress at the core of my wardrobe. 

Then I let the accessories do the rest! Hats, scarves, tiny vintage handbags, and loud gold jewellery took up most of my suitcase for this trip.

My fabulous self needed a fabulous place to stay—and there is no place more magical than Palazzo Avino. Sitting at the top of Ravello, one of the tiny towns that scatter the Amalfi coast, the hotel’s pink exterior is a cake-like, Instagram paradise covered in flowers. Since it is a former palace, the setting is incredibly romantic and staff treat you like the queen you are. 

We stayed in an Airbnb to start with in Amalfi, the town, which is a great way to feel the buzz and hit the beaches. Saving Ravello for the end left us with a quiet retreat that felt like heaven-on-Earth. The cherry on the cake. 

You must go to Ristorante Teresa in Amalfi. They pick you up by boat and take you to a quiet, cave-like beach spot for fresh seafood and limoncello spritz. Order the spaghetti with clams for lunch and thank me later. 

For a romantic evening that you won’t forget maybe ever, make a reservation at Rosselini’sin RavelloArrive early for a cocktail on the terrace overlooking the coast and then leave your divine dining experience in the hands of the Michelin star restaurant. 

Lastly, the shopping. Save space for you new shoes, ceramics, and bags because this is the perfect place to buy them. Hop on a ferry to Positano and get yourself handmade loafers for under-£100, while in Amalfi you can get a pair of custom sandals made in 10 minutes on the main street. Any little shop in Amalfi will have plenty of lemon-themed ceramics, something I stocked up on and look at everyday, waiting to go back to Italy. 

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