Putting together a holiday packing list might sound tiresome, but for a stress-free vacay, you’ve got to do it. To help you avoid any complications, we’re doing the laborious part for you. There are so many decisions to make on what to put on your travel outfit checklist—from deciding which sandals to pack to the best accessories to take. That said, we understand that packing is the most stressful part of travelling. Although you shouldn’t let this be a time-consuming or troubling affair—you should just look forward to spending time relaxing in the sun.

Fashion girls know, however, that a truly efficient holiday wardrobe must include pieces that are versatile enough to be worn more than once. To help, we’ve put together the ultimate packing list to guide you through these tough choices. You can even print out a version to keep with you. Keep scrolling for our definitive rundown of what to pack for a stylish vacation.

Fashion girls in the know, however, understand that a truly efficient holiday wardrobe must include pieces that are versatile and capable of being worn more than once. To help, we’ve compiled the ultimate packing list to guide you through these tough choices. From how many pairs of trousers you’ll need to settling the debate over whether you should take a jumper, as well as a print-out-and-keep checklist, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for our definitive rundown of a fashion girl’s holiday packing list.

This is for travelling in serious style.
No more tatty bits of paper knocking around in the bottom of your bag.
Block out all unnecessary noise with these headphones.
Keep track of your stuff with these leather tags. 
Keep harmful rays out of your face and look chic at the same time.
Be the envy of everyone else on the beach.
Dry off in style. 
While you might be travelling to warmer climes (winter-sun holidayers, rejoice), it always gets cold on the plane, so you’ll want something to wrap up in when you’re feeling the chill. A silk version can double up as a warm and chic accessory.
When you want to add a bit of colour to your outfit, all you need to do is tie a silk scarf around your neck. This can double up as a choker, too. 
Heading off on a long-haul winter sun vacation? This is just what you need.  Of course you need swimwear. And yes, you definitely need two types. One for sunbathing and one for if you fancy a proper swim…
You always need a bikini in your bag too.
For when you need to change up your outfit for the evening. Plus, the tropical vibe of these is perfect for holiday. Accessories don’t get much of a look in on our getaways—partly because we couldn’t think of anything worse than feeling hot metal against our skin. But earrings are different.
Perhaps the most useful item in your luggage—a cosmetic case for every type of holiday and situation. Top tip: Use the smallest pouch in your carry-on for post-plane refreshes.
Go for a fun clutch for nights out. 
This is the ultimate holiday bag.
While there may be heat where you’re going, there’s no denying that some places get downright chilly in the evening. Pack a leather jacket and throw it over your shoulders when there’s a breeze.
If you’re away somewhere a little colder, this will be a constant go-to. If you’re thinking about packing another, stop and consider your layers—you don’t want to overfill that bag.
For obvious reasons, you’re going to need a couple of T-shirts. Stick to two colours, preferably in muted tones. We suggest either black, white, navy, grey or stripes. You can then wear these under your jumpsuit, with the slip dress or matched with your floaty trousers.
Long sleeves for cooler nights or colder destinations. 
You can wear this for the day, too. This is where you can really show off your creativity. Save these tops for when you want to wow with your outfit. We suggest two of-the-moment pieces—an off-the-shoulder top and a crop top.
Just add heels and jeans and you’re good to go.
This is your true multitasker. Want a dress to wear on a night out? Wear your slip dress. Want to go sightseeing? Wear your slip dress. There is seriously nothing this item can’t do (except for the actual packing, of course).
While this is on the summery side, throw on your bomber and T-shirt underneath and you’ll find it’s much warmer. 
So summery. 
This gingham pair is too cute. 
The only miniskirt you need right now. Pair with flats or heels and one of your basic tees.
Kick flares are the only jeans to wear right now. Only to be worn on the plane and the way home. But if you really can’t let go of your trusty denim, opt for something a little more lightweight and cropped.
These are a classic for a reason and will look good whether it’s for a city break or a day on the beach. If you’re up for some serious sightseeing, flat sandals might just not cut it (well, they might actually cut your foot). Pack a pair of classic Converse for walking. Just make sure you pack socks, too.
Four might seem like a lot, but really it’s not. This is what you’ll need: sliders for the pool, some sensible ones for sightseeing, a pair of posh flats and then a pair of midis for a night out. And if you’re not going somewhere warm, just take out the heels for nights (see below) and stick with the above trainers. 
Your night out just got a whole lot more stylish.
Pretty and practical.
Easy to wear by the pool but also chic enough for a night out. Next up—25 of the best wedding-guest dresses you need to see.

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