As Hannah mentioned in her July Editor’s letter, this month’s theme is about getting outside and getting proud—so it was a no-brainer that I should head down (not without lathering on the sunscreen first, hello heatwave!) to Pride London and capture some of the most fabulous outfits. Among the sea of rainbow flags and body glitter, these 8 parade-goers stood out with the looks they served. Keep scrolling to check them out. 

Gift, a model, manages to pull off an entire cowboy vibe topped with a rainbow button-down while still looking more Raf Simons for Calvin Klein than rodeo chic. I will need to copy this look very soon.  

Jo’s bold Katherine Hamnett protest tee  a winner for Pride. Choose Love? A clear choice—and a perfect all-white ensemble. 

Hoping to spot a glitter jumpsuit, this guest did not disappoint. Her Gucci Marmont bum bag gets her extra points for chic practicality.

These strangers both just happened to be wearing the same sequin top. And they both turned out fierce looks. Cue the applause. 

Keeping cool under her white parasol, this guest looks like she escaped from a video game in all the right ways. Don’t let her antlers distract you from the fab over-the-knee boots. 

While lots of parade attendees literally wore the rainbow Pride flag, this guest takes it up to the next level with a tassel version. Excellent for twirling. 

Best friends Alex and Hannah compliment each other’s looks perfectly. I love Hannah’s colour blocking, while Alex’s all-white ensemble lets his rainbow hair shine. 

This pup takes the cake in her leather and lace. In a very Carrie Bradshaw-esque manner, she mixes high and low, topped with a bow. 

Pride may be over in London, but as Hannah said earlier, “Showing love for the LGBTQ+ community is not something that begins and ends with July: be the loud advocate in your workplace and call out trans-, bi- or homophobic bullying when you see it. Encourage the young people in your life to not feel the pressure of traditional and outdated labelling—but call out the oldies too. And if you’re going to buy any form of Pride merchandise, make it from a brand that has committed to bettering the future of this group.” 

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