In our fantasy fashion world, we imagine Kate and Pippa Middleton and Meghan Markle all have a group chat where the three of them discuss what they might wear to a major event and maybe even conspire what to get the queen for her birthday. We like to assume, in some way, that they’re just like us.

But while there’s no real proof such a group chat exists, we do have a few cues from their outfits that confirm they clearly share some style knowledge between each other (maybe it’s more formal, via beautifully written letters on royal headed paper). And we can specifically call to mind four examples.

Whether it’s two or all three of the women wearing the same thing, these instances show that they’re just like any other friendship group: who doesn’t love to recommend and share their best style tips with their closest fellow fashion enthusiasts? Scroll down to see exactly what we mean.

In September of last year, Kate wore this ribbed-sleeve coat from Toronto-based brand Sentaler.
On Christmas day, Meghan stepped out in a coat by the same designer, with the same signature ribbed sleeves. Holiday gift from her sister-in-law to be or perhaps just a brand that came highly recommended from her?
We imagine Kate rang her sister to give her the heads up that Seraphine is a must-know, affordable brand for expecting moms. 
Pippa perhaps took the advice and wore a Seraphine style months after her sister did.
Just because these three women lead high-profile lives doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a J.Crew sale item, specifically a cute rattan bag.
Meghan wore hers today, less than a month since Pippa was spotted in the same style. And yes, it’s totally sold out, but alternative colors are available. 
Meghan, Kate, and Pippa all have a penchant for classic, luxury shoes. Manolo, Aquazzura, Gianvito Rossi—they all own them. But we have a feeling that somewhere in their hypothetical text exchange the topic of best heels arose and Jimmy Choos came out on top. Meghan wore a pair during a visit to Ireland in March.
Kate wore a pair in a neutral, “naked” tone to Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry in May.
Meanwhile, Pippa opted for a strappy version of the style on the very same day as well. Long story short: When it comes to a special occasion, Meghan, Kate, and Pippa can agree on one, must-wear brand.

Next up, the Princess Diana-in-denim looks you need to see.

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