Pink is my (current) favourite hair colour.

I’m answering all your hair questions about including how to get pink hair, how long does it last and how to care for pastel hair.

This is my latest shade of pink hair and I’ve been playing around with fun hair colour for the last few months.

I first tried pink hair when I was at university. Since then I’ve tried almost every colour in my hair.

I’ve come back to pink and I think I’m going to keep playing with colour for a while.

I get asked a lot of questions so I made a little video answering some of your questions about my pink hair and how you could get pink hair yourself.

How to care for pink hair – Reader Q&A

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1. Who does your hair?

The fabulous Stevie Corthine of Stevie English Hair is my colourist.

He’s a colour genius, and I was so excited when he won Colourist of the Year at the Hair Expo Awards. He has a fantastic team at his Glebe salon that can look after you if you want to get pink hair too.

The fabulous Wengie also goes to Stevie English Hair!

2. Can you DIY pink hair?

Yes you can, and I have done it in the past. Though it doesn’t look as good as when Stevie does it. He custom mixes a colour for me and applies it in different ways too. He’s an artist.

So if you want to try and recreate my hair at home, you’ll need a friend with a good artistic eye and steady hand to help.

There are some great at-home colour for pastels now. I have used Schwarzkopf Live Colour before and they make it really easy to DIY pastel hair at home.

3. How long does pink hair last?

Well, it really depends on how often you wash your hair.

The pink is a semi-permanent colour that will wash out with shampoo. It also can fade in the sun as well.

So the more you protect your hair, the longer the pink colour will last.

4. How do you maintain pink hair?

Well, I try not to wash my hair too often and I always wear a hat in the sun.

You can also use specialist products to refresh your colour at home. When I went away, Stevie gave me an Evo Fabuloso conditioner which he custom mixed with my colour so that I could brighten up my pink hair while I travelled.

Ask your stylist for a colour conditioner to brighten your colour in-between visits.

5. Do you need to be blonde to have pink hair?

Yes, you do really need be blonde first before you can have pink hair.

That’s because you need a lighter colour underneath to reflect the light through the candy shade on top.

Remember colour on colour always goes darker.

But it doesn’t mean you need to lighten all of your hair.

Karima McKimmie is one of my favourite hair inspirations. She has long dark hair but experiments with pink and rainbow through the ends of her hair using balayage. It always looks beautiful and I love her hair.

6. Does having pink hair change the way your hair curls?

Yes…but not so much that it’s a worry for me.

Being blonde and then pink has changed my curls a little but not as much as I was expecting.

This is because I take a lot of care in maintaining my hair using plex and bond products like Matrix Bond and Omegaplex. These treatments have helped rebuild the structure of my hair so it is still curls pretty well.

I also protect my hair with deep conditioning moisture masks as my hair is naturally dry. I love the SheaMoisture masks.

But I can’t say that changing your hair colour dramatically won’t affect your curls. Please discuss it with your hairdresser first to get a professional opinion.

Despite this – I’d still tell you to do it because having pink hair is so much fun!

7. How do I know if pink hair will suit me?

There’s a shade of pink hair for everybody.

It’s one of the most flattering hair colours and I love it for all ages.

You can go from warm strawberry pinks over to cool lavender tones to find the shade that suits your skin tone.

If you’re a bit nervous, you can try some fun apps like these to see what you’d like with pink hair.

But remember, it’s just hair and it grows back – so have fun with your hair. If you’re thinking about trying pink hair, I’m here to tell you to do it!

Have you got any questions about pink hair? And have you tried it before?

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