People in the office take the piss out of me for my tiny and slightly ridiculous handbags. I have one so small that you literally can’t fit anymore in it than a single credit card and tissue – no phone or anything, we tried.

I can probably count on one hand the number of normal-sized, practical bags I own, after all, that’s why tote bags were made, to be able to carry around the stuff you actually need, right?

Just last week, I went on holiday and the security guards at the airport just couldn’t get over my mini Mango picnic basket bag (obviously I got ALL the picnic jokes).

I know they’re technically a bit silly, but I can’t help it, I just can’t be unhappy when I see a little beaded bag, a pom-pom covered basket bag or a little velvet pouch.

And luckily the fashion world seems to agree with me, with my favourite designers and high-street stores offering up some wonderfully impractical bags that are so much more interesting than a black leather holdall.

For AW18, expect more beads, lots of wooden details, and a dash of faux animal print and skin for good measure. Here are a few of my favourites below.

Shop now: Mini geometric bag for £39.99 from Mango

Shop now: TRANSPARENT BEADS CROSSBODY BAG for £29.99 from Zara

Shop now: COLOURED PLAITED CROSSBODY BAG for £49.99 from Zara

Shop now: SHRIMPS Una faux-fur bag for £375 from Matches Fashion

Shop now: Ganni Edison Polka Dot Beaded Clutch Bag for £240 from Browns

Shop now: TAYLOR BRONZE VELVET BAG for £99 from L.K.Bennett

Shop now: TOP HANDLE CLUTCH for £49 from Charles & Keith

Shop now: Link Shoulder Bag for £32 from Topshop

Shop now: WICKER WINGS Kuai rattan and leather tote for £320 from Net-A-Porter

See? Told you I’d make you smile. There will always be room for practical bags, but let’s not forget the silly side of fashion.

Don’t be afraid, and wear your cute bag with pride, paired with a frilly floral dress or corduroy suit for autumn/winter.

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