Some iconic noughties bags are making a comeback and I’m very much enjoying this sartorial walk down memory lane. First, Dior brought back the saddle bag, then Fendi re-vamped its baguette.

Now cult shoe brand and editor favourite By Far has just issued a bag inspired by one of our favourite TV characters of all time: Rachel Green.

Back in the late nineties, when you asked for a ‘Rachel’, you would get side-swept, choppy layers. But in late 2018, you will get a gorgeous chic and minimal shoulder bag.

Available on Net-A-Porter, the bag’s description goes, ‘You’d be right in thinking that BY FAR’s ‘Rachel’ bag has a cool ’90s feel – the design is inspired by the wardrobe of Jennifer Aniston’s character in the hit TV show Friends. The style is perfectly sized to hold the essentials and has a short detachable strap. Bella Hadid was spotted carrying hers in-hand, but it fits comfortably on the shoulder, too.’





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And we can totally see it. Think the period where Rachel worked at Ralph Lauren, wearing impeccable tailoring and simple shoulder bags such as this one.

I’m investing the faux-croc version for a look that’s still very much a nod to the 90s, but is bang on trend.

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