It’s more than just a fashion statement

Prince Harry’s not averse to flashing some bling. It was revealed a little while ago that he would break with royal tradition and wear a wedding band unlike other members of his family. Well, he’s added a brand new accessory to his wardrobe and Prince Harry’s black ring has been garnering a lot of attention on the internet; mostly because nobody knows what the heck it is. Is it a present from Meghan Markle? A symbol for the Invictus Games? Well, you’re wrong on both counts it turns out. It’s actually a nifty piece of tech.

PEOPLE revealed that Prince Harry’s mystery ring is actually a sleep and fitness tracker by a brand called Oura. The brand describes it as a ‘secret weapon for personal improvement’ and more specifically, it’s a super high tech ring that tracks everything from REM sleep to your daily calorie burn. According to the site, the deceptively simple ring contains sensors attuned to your body temperature, optical pulse and more.

prince harry black ring

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It’s believed that Prince Harry is wearing Oura’s Heritage ring in black, though the ring is also available in matte black stealth version and silver. There’s even a rose gold version, which speaks strongly to our millennial hearts. If you’re keen on jumping on the Prince Harry bandwagon, it’s available below.

prince harry black ring

Oura Heritage Shape Ring in Black or Silver

Priced at £276, available at Oura

Buy now

Oura Heritage Shape Ring in Rose Gold

Priced at £368, available at Oura

Buy now

It’s not a massive surprise that Prince Harry’s chosen a health-conscious bit of kit, as he’s known for his love of sport. In fact, one of his greatest projects as a royal is a sporting event called the Invictus Games; a competitive event for injured servicemen and women.

He’ll actually be returning to Sydney at the end of the month to kick off this year’s iteration of the games along with Meghan Markle, so keep an eye out for that Oura ring as he races round the stadium.

prince harry's black ring

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Besides helping him keep pace with the Invictus athletes, the ring will also have one awesome benefit come spring next year when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bundle of joy arrives. Namely, it could be instrumental in helping him get some much needed shuteye. New babies are adorable, but RIP your regular sleep cycle.

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