Ever dreamed of walking in a celeb’s shoes? Quick, now’s your chance to bid for them while helping children out of poverty

This year, Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Poppy Delevingne are just a handful of the celebrities who have stepped forward to donate their most treasured pair of shoes to be auctioned off for the Small Steps Project. With previous celebrity donors including Helena Christensen and Oprah Winfrey, this is an unmissable opportunity to get some celebrity-endorsed footwear.

The charity was founded by former showbiz journalist Amy Hanson, who quit her job to launch the charity after a life-changing visit to Cambodia seven years ago.

‘I had just turned 30 and was looking for something more meaningful to contribute in life,’ says Hanson. ‘After seeing so many homeless kids scavenging barefoot on rubbish dumps filled with broken glass and sharp objects on Cambodia’s largest landfill site, I was heartbroken and an idea just came to me. I thought, perhaps I could use the experience and contacts I have through my job to make a positive change to their lives.’

And from her bedroom in north London, the world’s biggest celebrity shoe auction was born.

Today, Amy spends her time travelling between various Small Steps projects in Nicaragua, Romania and Laos to oversee how the funds are spent. What began as just giving out shoes, has developed into providing children with what they need to make the small steps out of poverty and into education, breaking the crippling cycle of scavenging for survival.

‘Thousands of Manolos could have been gathering dust in celebrity wardrobes all over the world, but instead they’ve helped fund nurseries, mother and baby units, medical, nutrition and education programmes and really transform lives,’ says Hanson. ‘And we’re just getting started.’

Celebrities from all walks of life, from Game Of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer to Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto to Hollywood A-lister Orlando Bloom have been sharing their reasons for contributing to the project. Legendary fashion designer and eco-warrior Vivienne Westwood has voiced her backing for the Small Steps auction, saying, ‘I am proud and happy to be on board.’

The Small Steps Project #CelebrityShoeAuction runs until  Sunday 11th November
Bid here NOW.

Here are just some of the celebrities taking part this year:

Joanna Lumley

‘Lucy Choi is Jimmy Choo’s niece – these are my favourite premiere shoes and are given with all the love in the world. Cheers sweeties! xx’

Rachel Weisz

‘I wore these to the Independent Spirit Awards in LA. Hopefully, the money raised by the Small Steps Project will help people live with more dignity and have better lives.’

Poppy Delevingne

‘It’s amazing to be a part of the beautiful project that Small Steps has created. I am really happy to see my favourite pair of sparkly heels have a new life and owner while helping kids living in poverty.’

So if you’ve ever wanted to walk a mile in a famous person’s shoes, now’s your opportunity.

Red carpet, here we come.

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