Welcome to a new series on Hair Romance – the Good Hair Q&A video series!

I’m challenging myself to answer one of your hair questions every day this month. If you like it, and it goes well, I may keep the series going next year as well.

I love answering your hair questions personally, but I always think that if someone asked the question there must be another 10 people out there thinking the same thing. So instead of private replies, I’m going to share the answers publicly.

I’ll be covering a range of different topics and I’m filming as we go so there’s still time to add in your questions in the comments here if you would like to be included.

So let’s get into Question #1 – and talk about curly hair products and styling.

Curl Cream vs Conditioner – the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series

Thanks Genny from Instagram for this question – “Do you think curl cream is better than a little light conditioner?”

It’s a great question because at first you might think that they have a similar result but there is a little difference between them.

I hope this video help answer your question and here’s a link to the products I mentioned:

Note: these are affiliate links so I do get a little back if you click on them which helps support Hair Romance and it doesn’t cost you any extra.

Curl cream vs conditioner

One extra note I’d like to add from a commenter on YouTube was that sometimes adding water to a conditioner can change the preservative levels of the product and I think this is a really good point to consider.

Usually when I created my own leave sprays, I use quite a small bottle, like a travel size bottle. If you are thinking of doing the same, make sure you use clean bottles and only do small amounts at a time so as to reduce any contamination risks.

If you are concerned, just purchase a good leave-in conditioner like the one I mentioned above.

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