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Have your Invisibobble hair elastics stretched out? Here’s how to fix your Invisibobble hair elastics and make them like new again.

This is #3 of the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. I’m answering your hair questions in this video series because I know that if one person asks, there are probably at least 10 of you thinking the same question too.

Or maybe in the case of today’s question, you have been throwing out your Invisibobble hair elastics because you didn’t know you can fix them.

In the past I’ve talked about how to avoid that ponytail dent from hair elastics and I discovered Invisibobbles. These plastic coil elastics are amazing for holding up your hair, even thick or curly hair. The best part is they don’t leave a mark when you take your hair out.

These Invisibobbles are my go to for when I pineapple my hair at night LINK or when I exercise and want to wear my hair down afterwards.

After a little while they can stretch but there’s a quick way to fix them and all you need is some hot water.

How to fix Invisibobble hair elastics

Click here if you can’t see the video above.

Here’s where you can find Invisibobbles near you:

You can also usually find them in your local hair salon and while I love online shopping, it’s a good idea to support your local salon by buying some products from them whenever you can.

I hope this video will save your stretched out elastics!

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