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Can you brush curly hair? Is it a good idea and what happens when you do brush out your curls?

Welcome back to Day 4 of the Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series. I’m creating new videos to answer your hair questions, because if you’re brave enough to ask it, you know that most of your friends are probably are wondering about it too.

This question came from my Hair Romance Crew (this is my free Facebook group and you can join just by clicking here – I just ask a simple question about how you found me because I’m really curious to know). The collective knowledge in this group is just fantastic.

Here’s the question from Deb:

“I am curious about brushing and combing curly hair. I am currently only combing when my hair is wet and not brushing at all as it causes frizzy hair but I miss combing my hair every day. Is this really going to cause a problem aside from possibly pulling hair out if it’s tangled? I am washing every five to seven days and co wash with conditioner every two to three days and use a scant bit of gel.”

Can you Brush Curly Hair?

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I love this question because it’s all about creating a hair routine that suits you.

This is what happens when I brush my hair:

Why don't you brush your hair - Hair Romance

And while it’s totally fun and I did wear it out like this (admittedly just to the salon) it might not be as wearable in your life.

Instead of brushing, detangling it at the end of the day with a little water spray or leave in conditioner might work or alternatively, adding in a head massage as part of your hair routine. It can be a nice way to mark the end of the day, to relax and unwind.

Check out my tips on head massages here. They’re the best thing you can do to help promote blood flow to your scalp which in turn can help promote hair growth too.

If you’re looking for some curly hairbrushes, these are the ones that I recommend:

Tell me, what happens when you brush your curly hair?

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