Valentine’s gifts for her – that’s right, we’ve dedicated an entire shopping gallery to pretty things we want for Valentine’s Day. Go on, check it out and start dropping hints…

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, terrifying everyone across the globe looking to buy the perfect present.

Let’s face it – gift shopping is an absolute minefield. You just went through that stress at Christmas, using up all your best romantic ideas then, and now you have to do it all over again.

Not to mention, the selection of a Valentine’s present is more pressured than most – thanks to Nicholas Sparks the lucky lady in question will be comparing your romantic gesture to the ones made in every chick flick ever.

Unless you’re going to build her dream house like Noah in The Notebook, you’re really just playing for second.

Valentine's gifts for her

So what are you going to do? Will you go down the sentimental gift route, or prioritise the price tag? Is it better to take a risk or to opt for something fail safe? Do you dare to guess your other half’s dress size (knowing that if you get it wrong you could be spending February 14th apologising)? Or should you go for something that can’t possibly backfire? Are you going to go OTT on the romance, or if it’s not reciprocated could that get a bit awkward?

Valentine's gifts for her

Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered this year.

Whether she’s a girlfriend, wife or someone you’ve been admiring from afar, we’ve compiled our Valentine’s wish list – with truly something for everyone.

Whatever your budget, your relationship or her taste, you’re bound to find the perfect Valentine’s gifts for her here.

From posh candles and luxury scents to artwork and jewellery, from lingerie and designer shoes to pocket sized Polaroid cameras and Valentine’s Day jewellery – we’ve got it all here, and more.

So whether you’re shopping for your other half or doing some research to drop a few hints for you, here is the ultimate Valentine’s gift guide.

You’re welcome.

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