I spend a great deal of time analysing and decoding the fashion prowess of cool people. I myself am incredibly un-cool, but I’m certain I can sense it in others and find ways to translate it to you. There is no one thing that can create coolness, and more often than not, its a person’s attitude, demeanour, backstory and how they hold themselves that can be the very truest definition of the word. However, there are certain fashion signs that can lead one in the right direction, should that be your aim.

What’s more is that coolness isn’t dependent on It items, cult brands or must-have outfits. It’s not about blasting through copious amounts of money or having a wardrobe that revolves each season like clockwork. It’s really all about finding your personal style (something we talk a lot about here at Who What Wear UK). Now, there are some small-but-mighty updates and ideas you can take from your existing wardrobe to feel that little bit edgier on any given day. No spending required.

From a simple shoe choice to an artful jumper tuck, keep scrolling to see the cost-free styling ideas that (I believe) will never fail you.

Whether you choose flat slides, ballet pumps or sneaks, a more casual shoe choice always provides a certain je ne sais quoi to any given outfit, especially the ones that feel more dressed up.
Classic, basic items shouldn’t be overlooked either alone or as an option to be worn together. I’ve never seen someone look bad in a trench coat. Fact.
Rather than seeing oversized clothes as an opportunity to hide away or cover something up, start to see them as a fashion statement instead. Comfortable and cool, there’s nothing to not love about this movement.
I’m not saying wear them in the dark or on the tube, but there is undeniably something about popping on a pair of shades that make you feel a tad more like a superstar—even if it’s dreary outside.
I’ve always thought that wearing simple gold or silver jewellery over knitwear makes you look rich. 
Any neutral tone—navy, grey, white, cream, black, tan and so on—always looks effortless when worn together. I’m sure you must have two pieces that can complement each other (even if they aren’t the exact same shade), right?
From chunky metal rings to simple gold hoops—whatever may be en vogue at the time—these simple jewellery items always stand out.
You shouldn’t save red lipstick for nights out and power meetings only—it can be the perfect accessory to any outfit imaginable.
Everyone started doing this demi-tuck with shirts, tees and jumpers about a decade ago, but it still looks good for a reason: It’s flattering. 
From pretty party dresses to silky slip skirts or fancy embellished heels, there’s something liberating and quite fabulous about reworking your night-out gear for the day.
It’s one of the oldest fashion-forward tricks in the book, and it’s not as terrifying as you might think. Particularly good for rainy days, I’d urge you to give it a try. The Scandi set certainly all are. Next up, the major S/S 19 trends to know now.

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