Knowing how to describe a style to a hairdresser is really complicated. Should you take pictures to the salon? What sort of pictures should you take? And how can you use pictures at the salon to explain what you want?

I’m answering all these questions for you in my video below on the one thing you should always take to your hair salon.

Should you take photos to the hair salon – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series

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The consultation is a crucial part of any salon visit

Your hairdresser should take the time to find out why you’re there. They should ask about your style, your needs and chat with you to create a hairstyle that’s going to suit your lifestyle – not the other way around.

Your hairstyle should suit your lifestyle

This is the time to be honest with your hairdresser. Own up to the fact that you don’t own any hair products, or that you spend less than five minutes blowdrying your hair.

If you really need a wash-and-go style, tell your hairdresser.

Or maybe it’s the other way around…

It’s also completely okay to be proud that you own seven different types of curling wands plus every kind of hair product.

If you’re happy to have a haircut that can be styled different ways, tell your hairdresser you want versatility.

There’s no right or wrong answer.

Your hairdresser wants you to look good when you’re out of the salon, so help them to help you create a style that works for you.

The consultation should include pictures – but here’s are the photos you really need

A picture says a 1000 words so bring in some celebrity photos you like from Instagram or from Pinterest that have caught your eye.

But here’s the one thing you should bring in to the hair salon – photos of your previous hairstyles. Show your hairdresser the times you’ve been happy with your hair and haircuts that just didn’t really work.

This is particularly important when you’re going to a new salon who’s never seen your hair before. If you’re not sure what you like, just show them what you don’t like. You can show your hairdresser what you’re not interested in so they can find a new solution.

The thumb trick

And here’s a little trick particularly when you’re looking at celebrity photos you – the thumb trick.

It’s hard to know if you like the celebrity or the hairstyle because their face is so captivating. Try putting your thumb over their face so you can just see the hair. Is that really the hairstyle you like? Or the person that’s wearing it?

Edit your photos this way so you can be more specific in explaining what you like to your hairdresser.

I hope this helps for your next salon visit.

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