Can you straighten curly hair and keep your curls looking good? Here’s what to do before, during and after straightening curly hair so that you can achieve any hairstyle you like – curly or straight.

My hair is naturally curly and I have shared how I don’t follow the curly girl method. I like variety with my hair and I like to colour my hair too.

My most frequently asked question lately is how can you straighten your curly hair and still get your curls to look good afterwards? So here’s exactly what I do.

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1. Use a heat protectant

Never straighten your hair, or let anyone straighten your hair, without using a heat protectant.

I like to use a cream heat protectant in damp hair. I’ll use a spray if I’m doing a second heat treatment with either a curling wand or straightening iron on dry hair.

Some heat protectants I recommend are Kerastase Ciment Thermique and Oribe Supershine.

If you want to avoid silicones, use these silicone free heat protectants.

2. Don’t overstyle your hair

Too much heat will damage your curls, so the trick is not to use a flat iron too much and not to straighten too often.

What’s the magic amount? It depends on your hair.

Coarse, thick hair can take more heat than fine hair, so treat your hair like silk and don’t iron it too much.

Blowdry your hair with a round brush for minimal heat damage.

3. Enjoy your hair while it’s straight

It’s always a fun change for me to have straight hair. It’s a chance for me to try different braids and styles in my hair that don’t work as easily in my curly hair.

So to enjoy it more, use dry shampoo to keep your style as long as possible. Here’s how to keep your blowdry looking good for days.

4. Shampoo your hair

With straightening, you use a lot more products so you’ll need to shampoo to remove any build up. Especially if you follow the Curly Girl method, shampoo will reset your hair and remove any silicones.

Alternatively you can use a sulphate-free shampoo if you use silicone free heat protectants.

5. Deep condition your hair

After heat styling, you’ll need to be gentle with your hair.

I always make sure to do a deep conditioning mask after straightening my hair. My curls recover quicker with a moisture mask and some special care.

It’s a good time to also do a Plex or Bond treatment.

I like to use Matrix Bond 3 or Olaplex 3 to rebuild my curls after heat styling.

6. Take your time when styling

After straightening my hair, I pay more attention to my hair and don’t skip any steps when styling my curls.

I can do a quick version for every day but after heat styling, I make sure to do a detailed curly hair styling, ensuring that I have applied curl cream evenly through my hair and that I’ve sealed my curls with oil or with gel.

7. Diffuse for extra volume

I like to finish my curl routine by diffusing it dry not only because it takes forever to dry naturally, but I like the lift it gives my curls. It creates more volume and I get a better result.

Sometimes straightening your hair can have an impact on your curls but I find if I follow up with this conditioning routine, my curls are fine. It’s worth it for me to change my look and try a fun hairstyle.

Do you straighten your curls? How does it work out for your hair?

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