Hair Romance x Optus Collaboration

Your profile pic is like a digital calling card. Whether it’s for social media, business or dating, we all need a headshot that says who we are.

I’m super excited to be working with Optus on the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch and, in partnership with Bumble, we want to help you put your best headshot out there. We know it can be hard to get a good profile pic!

Check out this video to see what I mean.

1. Find your light

Look for soft even light. If it’s really sunny, turning your back to the sun can do the trick to stop you squinting in your photos.

Avoid dappled light too. It might look beautiful in real life, but in photos it casts strange shadows, and makes you look blotchy and bruised!

2. Know your good side

Flip your hair over and take a few practice shots. Is there a side that feels more comfortable? Everyone has a good side (hello, Mariah Carey) and once you get that angle, you’ll nail that pic every time.

My friend Rohan told me about the ‘look over the fence’ trick, which helps with your good side too. Imagine you’re peering over your garden fence and kind of crane your neck slightly. It’ll strengthen your jawline and make your neck look longer and slimmer.

3. Use a good camera

No longer do you need to get in pro gear, the latest phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S10) have some of the best cameras around, now with multiple lenses that deliver incredible quality. Even as a professional photographer, I find myself reaching for my phone more than my DSLR these days.

4. Think of something happy

Remember Tyra and her “smize” on Next Top Model? Well the trick is to imagine something that makes you really happy and then look straight down the lens of the camera. If you hate having your photo taken, it will come across through your eyes, so go to your happy place instead.

5. And breathe

So many people hold their breath while having their picture taken! Take a big deep breath in and out, then continue to breathe normally and you’ll be surprised how much better the picture looks.

Still think you could do with a little help? Come and see me!

Get a free profile pic with Optus & Samsung

To celebrate the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, Optus and Samsung are putting on profile pic glam sessions, Max May and I will help you create the perfect look before capturing it on the new Samsung Galaxy S10+. Best of all it’s free and you get a pro-grade photo to take away with you.

We had so much fun with our glam squad in Melbourne last weekend and this weekend it’s Brisbane’s turn! After that, we’re popping up in Sydney and this is what we’ve got in store for you!

I’ll be there as your hair expert, helping everyone look their best with hair tips, tricks and styling you up – so come and say hi. Celebrity makeup artist Max May will also be there helping with the final touches before your shoot.

Finally, portrait photographers, who will be using the new Samsung S10+ with its pro-grade camera, will take your free professional profile shot.

It’s amazing what a good photo can do, so take charge of social you and join me at:

Brisbane: Westfield Carindale

  • Saturday 16th March 9am-5pm
  • Sunday 17th March 10am-5pm

Sydney: Macquarie Centre

  • Saturday 23rd March 10am-6pm
  • Sunday 24th March 10am-6pm

Other appearance times may vary. Profile shot activation may not be available at all times. For T&Cs and FAQs see

To inspire you, take a look at some of the hairstyles I created in Melbourne:

(Btw these are completely unedited photos, straight from the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ – it has such an amazing camera!)

Follow me on Instagram @hairromance for all the updates! Can’t wait to see you there.

Event photos by Tuscany Gray

Thank you to Optus for sponsoring this post.

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