Curly hair styling

Styling curly hair can be tricky. Knowing where to part your hair can make such a difference to your face and can give your hair a lot more volume. Changing your part can completely change your hairstyle. Here are my tips on how to part your curly hair once it’s dry.

Today’s question came from Instagram, and asked

“how do you part curly hair? I always part it wet with the help of a wide-tooth comb. But sometimes I’d like to try a different style I hadn’t planned on. Any suggestions?”

It’s amazing what the difference a part can do to your hair. And this question got me thinking about how parting your hair dry instead of parting it wet has even more impact and flexibility.

You might find that you just have one side of your hair that curls better than the other. It’s simply the way your hair grows.

For me, it’s my left side.

Switching my part means I can bring some of those good left-hand side curls over to the right. It can also help give my hair a lot more volume because my hair’s used to lying in one direction. In fact, I’ll often blow dry my hair upside down with a diffuser so that it gives me a little bit more flexibility later.

When it comes to parting curly hair, here are a few different techniques to parting your hair when it’s dry.

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1. Just use your fingers

This is quite a gentle way to form a part and you can actually see where your curls are clumping together.

You want to follow the formation of your curls instead of breaking them up. This is because a straight part can sometimes make your hair look quite flat in curly hair. Having a part that’s a little bit jagged, like a zigzag or slightly diagonally back, will create more volume on top of your hair.

If you’re finding it difficult to move your curls around, you can spray a little leave-in conditioner on your fingers. This softens your hair, allows the curls to move more fluidly and also reduces frizz as you break up curls.

2. Use a tail comb

This is what I use to get a neat part when I wear my hair straight, but it can also help move your curls.

The only problem with this is it’s going to pick-up whole curls and you want to try to split them apart. If that’s the look you want, of course, that’s fine to do.

Just be aware of the tail of the comb splitting curls. Using this technique can cause more frizz and damage your hair. You might just want to spray a little leaving-in conditioner and twist the ends around. This will help reduce any frizz caused.

3. Diffuse your hair dry

If you want to use a hair dryer, I’d strongly recommend a diffuser. It softens the stream of air coming from the dryer, which reduces potential damage from heat and air movement. This also reduces frizz.

Diffuse your hair with your head upside down. This neutralises where your part forms and stops it dominating the hairstyle you choose.

If you also flip your hair from one side to the other as you dry it with the diffuser, you’ll get more flexibility when you’re styling later.

Bonus tip: take your time

Rushing curly hair never works out well, does it? I always find the faster I try and do things why my curls the harder they work against me!

Taking your time means you can carefully work through separating each curl. You won’t rip through your curls, which can damage them and create frizz.

In a way, taking your time at this point means you’re saving time in the long run, as you’re not having to work to fix more problems when you’ve finished creating your part or styling your hair.

I hope these tips help and if you have any other advice, please add them in the comments. Everyone has a different way to style their curly hair.

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