Here on Hair Romance, I show lots of tips for different products and styling your hair, but there’s a fundamental technique I want to show you. It’s my number one tip for growing a beautiful healthy hair and also for using products like hair oil more effectively.

I’m talking about giving yourself a head massage.

Not only does it encourage blood-flow to your scalp and hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth, it also helps with follicle health, sebaceous oil production and healthier hair. It also feels great and helps you relax and destress – and who doesn’t need that?

How to massage your head and scalp

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Your head is the easiest part of your body for you to massage yourself so there are no excuses. Alternatively, this is something that you can do with a friend, your partner or your kids and it’s a great way to connect.

But whether you’re doing this alone or with someone else, head massages should be a part of your daily hair routine. I like to massage my scalp at the end of the day, so it doubles up as a bit of stress relief too.

Working with oil or without, divide you head roughly into quarters and work in each section either with one hand or both, then finally finish by massaging the base of your neck.

If you’re finding your hair gets tangled as you massage, don’t try and drag your fingers through your hair. You’re likely to cause breakage and knots – and ultimately undo all the relaxing feels from the massage too.

Gently extract your fingers from your hair and go in again fingertips first. Of course, head massages are likely to mess up any styling you have, which is why I like to do this at the end of the day.

Head massages with hair oils

If you are using hair oil, remember you only need a couple of drops for your whole head. One of the most common mistakes people make with products like oils is to use too much. This will of course make your hair look and feel oily and limp.

I recommend using Darshana hair oil. The important thing to remember is hair oil is more a ‘scalp oil’, and is full of nutrients that are good for your scalp rather than your hair.

So with a couple of drops on the ends of your fingers, massage the oil into your scalp in small circular motions. At the end of each of the four sections of your head, gently run your fingers through the mid-lengths of your hair to distribute some of the oil.

I know we don’t have much free time, but you can even do this while you’re watching TV or as you are settling into bed. Even if you’ve only got a minute to spare, just take as much time as you can.

Start doing this now and let me know if you see and feel a difference. I’d love to hear back at the end of a few weeks to see how your hair is looking.

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