Odalys is known for her cool-girl style and undeniable talent, find out about her year in music.

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We decided to start Missguided Discovered for 2021, with a bang. We spoke to DJ, producer and Creative Director of Fresh Milk Lab, Odalys. If you don’t already know, get to know.

Born and raised in Harlem, Odalys is known for her cool-girl style and undeniable talent. She has worked with names such as Steve Aoki, Diplo, Wiz Khalifa and Kodak Black. A star on the rise, she only taught herself to DJ two years ago and is already recognised as one of the most influential DJ’s and Tastemakers wherever she goes.

As if the resume could get any more impressive, Odalys is a model who has been featured in Elle, Instyle & Vogue, as well as founding and curating her own youth culture platform, Fresh Milk Labs.

We chatted to her to find out how she handled 2020, her favourite career moments and more. Read the full Q+A below.

Odalys Q+A

Hey Odalys, how are you today?

Hey guys been great cannot complain

How have you been keeping yourself busy in lockdown?

During the lockdown I’ve been keeping myself busy by having the time to really invest into myself and all my crafts

What was the moment when you realised that your music was more than just a passion, but a career?

I realised music was more than just a passion when I naturally started making money for my love of music & fashion

What’s your favourite ever night out as a DJ or attendee?

As a DJ one of my favourite nights out was in Croatia for a festival called . Fresh Island Fest The vibes were so pure the water out there was magical the music was truly diverse I never had such a amazing experience at a festival.

You’ve worked with some AMAZING talent over the years, who else would you like to check off the list and why?

I would love to check off Pharrell & Timbaland. They are the last two people who really influenced me sonically that I never had a chance to meet

How did your rise to fame at such a young age impact who you are as a person today?

By forcing me to grow faster mentally. Throughout it all, I feel blessed to even be able to have all these responsibilities, learn from my mistakes and be able to have all the time to fix it, if thats makes sense!

With modelling, DJing and your role as Creative Director at FreshMilkLab you must be VERY busy, how do you switch off?

I guess I never truly switch off, honestly I feel weird when I do, I always feels like something is missing. My relaxation always relates to music, whether it is listening to it personally or going out to dance, it always makes me relaxed and happy.

My relaxation always relates to music, whether it is listening to it personally or going out to dance, it always makes me relaxed and happy


What aspect of live DJing have you missed the most in 2020?

OMG WHAT DON’T I MISS?! Honestly I would say is the energy feeling it absorbing it and giving it back to the people. I’m not a fan of live streaming with no people around, it never can compare.

Most surreal career moment so far?

Most surreal career moment definitely is meeting Kid Cudi and even attempting to have a conversation with him. Mentally that man always was a big brother to me through his music

Quickfire Questions with Odalys:

Last TV show you binge watched?

Handmaid’s Tale

Go-to item of clothing RN?

My formy pants

Favourite comfort food?

truffle pasta

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