Price: £9.99
(as of Jan 24,2021 11:40:09 UTC – Details)

Ideal for “High Profile” shoes such as a boot style or high top basketball sneakers. Low profile shoes may not fit. Insoles will takes more space from you shoes interior. Recommended for occasional use only. For best performance, always try out our well designed height elevator shoes. Use with elevator shoes is not recommended.

SOLID BASE / ERGONOMIC – we don’t use any heel “air cushion” gimmick on our ultra-comfortable, ergonomic insoles. Research shows that a solid base provides much greater stability, longevity, and comfort
Shoe Width: Medium inches
CUSTOMIZABLE – Easily tailored to fit all shoe sizes. Easily cut along the lines provided on the bottom of the insole to perfectly fit the inside of each of your pairs of shoes
MULTI-LAYERED DESIGN – Easily tailor your insole to the height you require. Our 2 layered design allows for multiple height configurations for maximum flexibility based on your shoe sizes and preferences. The main thicker layer of the insole is ~1.5 inches (3.81cm), and the thinner removable insole portion is ~0.5 inches (1.27cm). The total possible height increase is ~2 inches (5cm) over what your shoes already provide
DISCREET – Our insoles present a black upward-facing sole once inserted into your shoe for maximum inconspicuousness. There are no distinctive markings to indicate that your insole is a separate brand than your shoe to enhance your privacy and discretion

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