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Obsessing over Married at first sight Australia? Aren’t we all. Whether your fave couple is Jules and Cam or Melissa and Dino, let’s face it, we all wanna know where they are up to and if they are still together now. Here at Missguided, we can’t get enough of dating shows. Whether it Married at first sight Australia, Love Iceland or The Circle. Married at first sight Australia has a special place in our heart for actually creating love that lasts. So, if you want all the gossip on what the contestants are up to now, keep on scrolling to find out more.

the tea on married at first sight Australia

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Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant

Joules and Cam are the most popular couples of the season with a super strong connection. The couple is now happily married and share a son named Oliver – The ultimate couple.

Nic Jovanović and Cyrell Paule

So we all know that these two weren’t the best match. Plenty of drama came with these guys and they eventually broke up on the show. Cyrell has recently found love with tv star Eden Dally in February 2020 and gave birth to her son, Boston.

Jessika Power and Mick Gould

So we all know Jessica found herself with Dan Webb behind her husbands back as things didn’t exactly work out between them. However, Jess and Dan have since split after cheating rumours.

Dan Webb and Tamara Jo

So, Tamar briefly dated Islander star, Ashley Lenco, but is now single. She is now a full-time Influencer living her best life out in Queensland.

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira

Mel is now killing it as an influencer and as for Dino, he is currently living in Hong Kong where he has a new love. He’s transformed himself into a new man by joining the beard gang community.

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham

Mike and Heidi announced their split on the Married at first sight reunion annoyingly. After the breakup, Mike dated model Jessica Williamson but is currently single and so is Heidi.

Ning Surasiang and Mark Scriven

We all know one of the most dramatic moments of the season was when Mark ended things with Ning in the final ceremony *awks*. Believe it or not, the two have cooled down and actually consider themselves good friends now. Ning currently has a boyfriend while Mark has dated The Block star Bianca Chatfield for almost 2 years.

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli

We had to finish with a happy ending, didn’t we? Martha and Michael exchanged vows at the final ceremony and have been blissfully in love ever since. They have been honest in the fact that being in love can be hard when you are constantly pulled apart by the media. The couple is now stronger than ever and moved in together last year.

So there you have it. All the tea on our fave couples on Married at first sight Australia. Check out some of our fave loungewear below to binge your fave shows in and check back to Babezine for all things lifestyle, fashion advice, trending topics and celeb interviews.

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