Rain or shine, we are making the most of the rule of 6

What to wear to a bbq

Yes, yes we are already talking about BBQs. With the rule of 6 just around the corner, it looks like Spring BBQs are going to be a thing. From 29th March onwards, up to two households, or 6 people will be able to meet outdoors, this includes gardens. So, with that in mind, it’s time to start planning your BBQ outfits. The UK weather is pretty unpredictable, so you will probably want to get a fire pit on the go and a gazebo just in case of a sudden downpour. Take a look at our ultimate guide for what to wear to a BBQ.

Spending the evening outdoors in April is probs gonna be pretty chilly, so you will need to think about practical jackets that won’t ruin your outfit. It’s also key to bear in mind that the ground might be a little muddy too.

What to wear to a BBQ- Outfit ideas

Picking an outfit for a BBQ is usually pretty easy. Opt for something lowkey, maybe a summer dress, trainers and a denim jacket, however we are cracking out the burgers a little earlier than usual this year. You need to think about layers, footwear and warm jackets that won’t ruin your outfit.

The Missguided Spring edit has all the inspo you need for building the perfect BBQ looks. From summer dresses to tailored trousers and mesh crop tops. Take a look at our top picks below

girl wearing floral dress and chunky boots

Take a look at our outfit solutions for every BBQ eventuality

What to wear to a BBQ when it is cold…

The safe bet for a cold weather BBQ is ALWAYS jeans and a nice top or trousers and a nice top. Team some pale wide leg dad jeans with a pair of lowkey trainers and a dressy bodysuit. Add a pastel puffer jacket and a scarf in your hair for the finishing touch. Dress up your look with some layered necklaces and stacking rings.

What to wear to wear to a BBQ when it is raining…

Chances are, our British BBQ are going to be a little bit rainy. Opt for a cute summer dress with tights and chunky boots. Add a hooded puffer jacket to your look and get the gazebos at the ready.

What to wear to a BBQ – Outfit essentials

Take a look at our top BBQ outfits that you will be adding to your basket this summer.



Nice tops to go with jeans

BBQ footwear

Wanna level up your BBQ drinks game? We got you, take a look at our at-home cocktail masterclass, made in partnership with The Alchemist.

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