Now on offer for £5.99 instead of £7.99


Did you know that we offer VIP Delivery, giving you a year of unlimited next day delivery? It’s currently on offer for £5.00 instead of £7.00. Simply make a one off payment of £5.00 and the rest of your delivery fees are free for a whole year.

Table outlining benefits of VIP delivery

“Save on delivery costs from just two orders- then the rest are free for the remainder of the year”

Get a year of unlimited uk next day delivery + click & collect. We’ve done the maths and it saves on delivery costs in just two orders… it’s a no brainer.

VIP Delivery FAQs

How to get Misssguided VIP delivery?

Signing up couldn’t be easier. You just need to add it to your bag, like you would any other item of clothing. Once you have paid for VIP delivery, we will ensure your account is updated and you will receive free next day delivery for a whole year.

Is Missguided VIP delivery worth it?

YES! VIP delivery pays for itself after just two orders, meaning that the rest of your orders basically get delivered for free. If you make more than two orders from Missguided within a year, then this is the cheapest way to do it.

Shop new in at Missguided

Like you needed more convincing for our next day delivery service, but in case you did, here’s some of our top picks from New-In at Missguided.

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