My easy messy bun tutorial

Trying to work out how to the do the perfect messy bun? Here are my tips for how to get that perfect “Instagram-ready” messy bun or even better, how to do a quick hairstyle in just a few seconds that you really like. Bonus is that it works in all hair types – the messier … Continue Reading

Hard water and your hair

Hard water can damage your hair and the mineral heavy water can change how your hair products work too. With even regular water causing damage to your hair, here’s how to minimise the effects and the signs you should be looking out for. This is day 16 of my Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A series … Continue Reading

My current curly hair routine

Finally my current curly hair routine is here! This has been one of my most requested videos. My previous curly hair routine on how to wash and style curly hair is my most popular video of all time. To be honest my routine hasn’t changed that much in 3 years. I’m using a few different … Continue Reading

3 fast and easy everyday hairstyles

Today’s video tutorial features three fast and easy hairstyles you can do in any hair type. They’re simple ways to put up your hair (without featuring any braids) and they’re perfect for work or school or anytime you want to put your hair up. I’m adding a few accessories to these hairstyles just to show … Continue Reading

Fake curls! How to get hair that looks naturally curly

Do you wish you had curly hair? Here’s a tutorial to show you how to style your hair so that it looks naturally curly. But don’t you already have curly hair? Yes, I know this seems like a strange tutorial for me to do as I already have wavy/curly hair BUT the grass is always … Continue Reading

Quick and easy updo for curly hair

Here’s a quick and simple up do you can do on a naturally curly hair and it only takes a few minutes to do. This easy hairstyle is one that you could wear to work or you could even dress it up with an accessory for night. I started filming this hairstyle tutorial as Jim … Continue Reading

How do you get bobby pins to stay in your hair?

So many hairstyles rely on bobby pins, but how do you get them to stay on your hair? It’s so annoying to have one pop out of slide straight out of your hair. It leaves your style unstable or falling out, and it means you’ll have to replenish your hairpin stock soon too. The best … Continue Reading

How do you part curly hair when it’s dry?

Styling curly hair can be tricky. Knowing where to part your hair can make such a difference to your face and can give your hair a lot more volume. Changing your part can completely change your hairstyle. Here are my tips on how to part your curly hair once it’s dry. Today’s question came from … Continue Reading

Curly hair & bleach – what you need to know

Lightening or bleaching your hair, takes a heavy toll, especially when you have curly hair. But there are ways of doing it to minimise the damage, and I think my hair is proof of this. I’ve been colouring my curly hair for years now, and over the last couple of years, I went blonder and … Continue Reading

Hair trend alert – Hair Romance

UPDATE: These accessories are now on sale at Shopbop with the code EVENT19 – You can save up to 25% for 3 days only at Shopbop. (I bought this dress & these PJs!)  You’ve probably noticed this hair trend as you scroll Instagram but hair accessories are back in a BIG way. Classic 90s snap clips … Continue Reading