We go for months without an Emma Watson sighting and BAM!—along she comes with an outfit that we are so excited to see, we can barely begin to explain all of the reasons why it’s brilliant.

Wimbledon has proven to be a hotbed of chic looks this week: we’ve had the first solo outing of Duchesses Catherine and Meghan and a glimpse into what Pippa’s maternity wardrobe will be like over the next six months. But yesterday marked a more Hollywood moment in the tennis championship’s FROW when the actress turned up in the most glamorous of all white trouser suits.

Her 3-piece tailored suit (seriously, Gareth Southgate’s waistcoat trend is stretching far and wide) was a vintage look provided by Wimbledon’s fashion sponsor, Ralph Lauren, and it instantly brought a ’70s fashion icon to mind: Bianca Jagger was well-known for wearing this combination during that decade and has been referenced ever since when it comes to the trend, and still often wears white suits to high profile events today.

In addition to that, our beady eyes also noticed that Emma shares an accessories label in common with Meghan Markle, as well as a penchant for wide-leg white trousers: both ladies chose hats from the French millinery brand, Maison Michel. Throw in a pair of giant silver earrings, some cute freckles, a pushing-up of her blazer sleeves et voilà, you have the most perfect summer look. Keep scrolling to see Emma’s full outfit.

Next up, your full guide to wearing a trouser suit.

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