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Do you have a winter hair care routine? The weather has a huge impact on my curls and it’s important to change your hair care with the seasons.

My winter hair care routine is very different to my summer hair care routine but not in the ways you might think.

A common hair problem for me most of the year is dryness. In summer, it’s caused by the sun but in winter, I find being indoors with more heating and air conditioning really dries out my skin and my hair.

And in the same way that your lips become more chapped in winter, your scalp needs special attention too. I switch up my winter hair care routine with more moisturising products and I use them a bit differently in winter too.

In Australia, we can’t really complain, as we have mild winters, but wet hair can be dangerous in a cold winter. I’ve seen the most incredible YouTube videos of people snapping their hair off because it’s frozen. I don’t know about you, but that scares me. So if you live somewhere like that, please tell me how you get through it!!

But if your winters aren’t that bad, I hope you’ll find my winter hair care video below helpful. I’ve teamed up with Priceline Pharmacy to show you my daily routine.

Winter hair care routine video (with some hair hacks too!)

Click here if you can’t see the video above

What’s my winter hair care routine?

Want to know more about the steps of my hair routine? Here’s a rundown of what I use and why I love it.


I wash my hair about twice a week. This is my perfect winter shampoo because it is a little bit heavier and really moisturising. I like that it lathers easily (even though it’s sulphate free).


Don’t skip conditioner in winter! This is a great moisturising conditioner and I even still use it after I use the mask. If you have fine hair or oily hair you might prefer this one instead link to Priceline.

Deep treatment mask:

A deep treatment is crucial during winter to combat that dryness and this one is a new favourite of mine. My hair feels incredible after using it. Even though it’s in a big tub, you don’t need to use very much as a little goes a long way.

Leave-in conditioner:

This leave-in conditioner I’ve raved about before and in winter it does a fantastic job of stabilising my hair against static. I spray this onto my hands and smooth over the top of my hair to tidy down any loose static hair. Or as I like to call it – the winter frizz.

Blow dry spray:

I love anything that saves me time and this product works as a heat protectant and helps to speed up my blow dry. It’s perfect for when I am styling my hair into waves or diffusing my curls

Heat protectant:

When I am restyling my dry hair, this heat protectant spray is perfect. It adds in a beautiful shine and makes curling and re-styling my hair easy.

Hair Oil:

My ends need extra care in winter. Even if you have fine hair, you’ll love this oil spray. I like to spray in onto my palms first and then apply it to my hair, concentrating on the ends.

Hair Colour Refresh:

I get my hair coloured at a salon, but at home I give my colour a refresh with these semi-permanent mousses. They brighten up dull winter hair, and are so quick and easy to do.

Hair Supplements:

I’ve started taking these supplements again from when I first tried them a couple of years ago. They really work for me and now I‘ve got my husband taking them too.

Dry Shampoo:

Ah, dry shampoo – where would I be without you? This new one is a fantastic mix with a light volume spray that lifts my hair up even when I am feeling down in the winter dumps.

You can find all of these products from Priceline Pharmacy.

Winter really is my least favourite season but a little bit of pampering goes a long way to make me feel better. And I remind myself that it’s not long until summer’s back.

What is your favourite season? And how does your hair cope with the cold?

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