Don’t worry—this isn’t another one of those “borrow your boyfriend’s boyfriend jeans” stories, because we’ve all heard that one too many times. Plus, it rarely works. Rather, I’m sharing the items I’ve actually purchased from both the men’s and even children’s departments of stores for a multitude of reasons. Whether it was because all the sneakers in the women’s section were pink or purple and I just wanted something simple, snagging a men’s concert tee because the women’s styles simply didn’t have the same boxy cut, or resorting to children’s Uniqlo heat-tech gloves because they were cheaper and in stock in black. There are a lot of practical (think: pink tax) and aesthetic-based (think: literal pink stuff) excuses, so it’s a practice I highly recommend. Just when and where should you seek out these alternate items? Keep scrolling to find out and, of course, shop.

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