Fans of Sex and the City will remember the iconic line, ‘Hello, lover!’ which has since become a popular phrase for pretty much anything we can get excited about.

It of course comes courtesy of Carrie, who falls in love with a pair of pink ruffled Christian Louboutin sandals in a shop window, and purchases them for her last date with Mr. Big before he leaves NYC.

Sadly, they might their demise just a short while later, after pregnant Miranda’s water breaks onto them.

Now Sarah Jessica Parker has decided to put her own spin on the iconic shoes, by creating pumps emblazoned with the phrase.

The actress launched her eponymous shoe line in 2014, and this is the latest pair to be added to the collection. Though it hasn’t been able to hit shelves yet due to obvious reasons, they are available to buy online, though it’s likely the shipping to the UK might have some restrictions. Either way, I’m glad she shared them.

Shop now: Hello lover for $395 from SJP

She wrote, ‘I recall when these arrived. First samples of our @sjpcollectionHello Lover Fawn in Black Nappa from Italy. I just pranced around the house and even snuck them out to dinner once. We didn’t yet have on shelves, available for everyone. We do now. When and if the time is right, take a virtual spin in them.’

On the product page, the shoes look even better, and they come with the tagline, ‘We couldn’t help but wonder why we didn’t think of this one sooner.’

Good question…

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