In a recent poll, Villanelle aka Jodie Comer wasn’t voted the most fashionable villain of all time, and to be honest I think she was robbed. Without even looking at the two previous seasons of Killing Eve (and that Molly Goddard dress), season 3 was off to a strong start – now this is the bit where you stop reading if you don’t want spoilers…

The Loewe brooch

But yes, in the first episode, Villanelle rocks the most bad ass alternative wedding outfit of all time, in the form of a black suit adorned with a Loewe brooch (pictured above), which will be available to buy here very soon.

The Vampire’s Wife dress

Killing Eve Season 3

Picture: BBC

So on trend that she had a dress named after her. Introducing the blue floral Vampire’s Wife Villanelle dress, available to pre-order now for £595, for dispatch on 20th May. For a more understated option, it is also available in black.

The Bernadette dressing gown

Picture: BBC

In an episode yet to air, Eve’s nemesis lounges at home in style in a silk Bernadette dressing gown. Basically what we’re aiming to look like during the lockdown. That particular peignoir is from a couple seasons ago, however Net-A-Porter have a similar new season style here.

The Olivia Von Halle pyjamas

Picture: BBC

Villanelle wouldn’t be caught dead in an old oversized t-shirt or boxer shorts, so when she sleeps, she only wears the finest silk pyjamas, designer of course. Her Olivia von Halle Daria Cecil printed PJs are from last season, but you can get your hands on an updated version here.

The Double J dress

Picture: BBC

Another bright and psychedelic number, Villanelle simply doesn’t do understated. I love how this cotton dress by La Double J matches the tiles too. Genius. You can buy the dress here.

I’ll be adding all of Killing Eve‘s most stylish looks here as they appear on screen, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to emulate Jodie Comer’s villainous wardrobe.

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