Every fashion editor has their own hacks when it comes to shopping the high street, and while we’re now mostly buying our clothes online this year, there are still ways to slim down your search results and ensure that you’re left with the good stuff. With the new season underway, we wanted to share with you a little trick that the Who What Wear editors swear by for finding the best bits on H&M.

First thing’s first: The search bar is your secret to success. H&M has various collections, some you may know about and some you may not: Think Divided and H&M Studio. But there is also Premium Quality, a category that essentially groups all the pieces that are made in high-quality fabrics and expensive-looking silhouettes. Admittedly, the prices do usually match the elevated offering, but when you try them on you’ll see that it’s worth the investment. So next time you’re browsing through H&M online, try searching for Premium Quality and see a selection of winning gems appear on your page. The best thing about the pieces is that they’re all 100% time-tested staples, such as tailored coats, crew neck jumpers and chunky boots. It’s essentially a ready-made autumn capsule wardrobe at high street prices. What more could you want? Scroll down to see and shop our full Premium Quality edit. 

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