3 romantic hairstyles for curly hair

Hair Romance is bringing the romance to your hair in time for Valentine’s Day. These classic hairstyles are designed for curly or wavy hair and are easy to do in your own hair. I’ve kept it simple so that you can spend less time getting ready and more time having fun. Whether for a date-night, … Continue Reading

Learn to Braid Now – my exclusive online video course on styling your hair!

I think I’ve just got a glimpse into what it must be like for an author to see her book turn into a movie! My best-selling ebook – 30 Braids in 30 Days – is now a full online video course that gives you all my secrets and skills to creating beautiful styles in your … Continue Reading

5 Lazy scrunchie hairstyles that are also cute

These lazy scrunchie hairstyles will solve any bad hair day. They’re simple, easy and fast – all my favourite things in hairstyles! So when you’re feeling lazy, or have no time, these hairstyles will still make you feel cute. They’re perfect in day 2 hair, or day 3,4,5… you know exactly what I mean. No … Continue Reading

Perfect Heatless Curls – Your Troubleshooting Guide

A tested tutorial for perfect heatless curls and your troubleshooting guide to fix any issues that come up with overnight curls and waves. Why does no-one show you the back of their heatless waves?? I know why and I’ve got the tricks to fix it. After a few hair fails, I’ve finally worked out the … Continue Reading

Easy hat hairstyle tutorial – Hair Romance

Here’s an easy hat hairstyle tutorial that fits under your hat. A few years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to wear more hats. It turned out to be my most successful New Year’s resolution ever. I chose hats for a few reasons… Firstly, resolutions never work so why take them seriously? I was … Continue Reading

Easy work hairstyle for messy hair

This easy tutorial is a simple solution for when you’re running late to work. This hairstyle tutorial is perfect for messy hair and will work in a range of hair textures. And if you’ve got fine hair and think it won’t work for you, trust me that two buns can look thicker than one bun … Continue Reading

Little Women Inspired Hairstyles – Hair Romance

This post is sponsored by Little Women My latest hairstyle tutorials are inspired by the movie LITTLE WOMEN. I remember my mother giving me the book by Louisa May Alcott to read when I was little and then she introduced me to the films too. Such lovely childhood memories. This latest version of Little Women … Continue Reading

Hair trends: Pins & accessories

Time for a round-up of my fave hair accessories right now! Plus a heads up, the Shopbop sale is on now so you can save with the code SPRING. Hair pins and barrettes are still having their moment in the spotlight and I am here for it. If you’re having a hair struggle, adding an … Continue Reading

When do you use hair oils?

When it comes to hair treatments hair oils can be quite confusing as products. But if you’ve tried hair oils and they haven’t worked, it might because you’re not using them the right way. Alternatively, it might be because you haven’t found the right hair oil for you or it’s one that’s not right for … Continue Reading

How to massage your scalp

Here on Hair Romance, I show lots of tips for different products and styling your hair, but there’s a fundamental technique I want to show you. It’s my number one tip for growing a beautiful healthy hair and also for using products like hair oil more effectively. I’m talking about giving yourself a head massage. … Continue Reading